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“Exercise is the magic pill”, says Michael R Bracko , chairman of the american college of sports medicine consumer information committee. Exercising comes with so many benefits ranging from health, self esteem boost , mental health and not to mention a gorgeous body that is healthy. Once you put in the work you are assured of reaping the immense benefits  that come with exercising, as the say no pain no gain . I recently made the decision to challenge myself to make this year a fitness year, this year is going to be the one that i get my body back to its former glory. YES ! i want to be healthy. However, in order to achieve that i had to start exercising properly. This time i was going in prepared and therefore i came up with  the ultimate beginner friendly work out plan that has been helping me through this journey and it only seems fit to share it with you all. Lets get right into it, first of all it is important to know that exercise options are numerous , these include running, walking, dancing to your favorite music [my personal favorite always a good warm up]swimming, biking, hiking and so much more.The important thing here is to choose what you enjoy based on your fitness goal and stay motivated. Below are the easiest beginner friendly steps to get you started on your fitness journey.



First of all evaluate how fit you are, if you walk up to the second floor and start panting like you have just been running a marathon ,welcome to the club you are in the right place.In this stage it is important and recommended to consult a doctor and go through checkups to determine which exercises you can participate in , now most of us,skip this step and end up learning the  hard way of its importance. After you have assessed your fitness it then becomes easy to set a realistic fitness goal this  is  where you will start by weighing yourself , getting your measurements that is the waist , hips , arms and thighs and finally calculating your body mass index which is basically dividing your weight and your height after that you want to jot them down for future reference .In this stage you could also take photos so that you are able to track your progress easily. Start small as you continue to pick up the pace.



You need to learn most if not all the fitness exercises in order to know which one is best for you .If you are one who enjoys strenuous activity, then aerobics is for you , what this includes is exercises which speed up your breathing and heart rate  such as running, swimming and cycling just to mention  a few. These are mostly recommended for when your goal is to loose weight . We also have flexibility training or better known as stretching , this workout enhances the range of motion in the joints, this could be through yoga or the basic stretching exercises.Remember it is important not to relate stretching and warming up during exercise as one and the same both should be done separately for an effective workout session , both pre and post workout or else you risk getting those annoying sore muscles. Lastly, we have strength training , this exercise is aimed at improving the strength and function of muscles . In this you can engage in weight lifting in the gym with the help of a professional trainer or use stretch resistance bands at the comfort of your home. In this step it is important to understand the following terms:


  •  SET –  this refers to repeating the same exercise a certain number of times.
  • REPETITION- this refers to the number of times you perform an exercise within a set.
  • WARM UP-   this is the act of preparing your body for the stress of the exercise,  this could be through dancing , skipping , walking slowly or running.
  • COOL DOWN- this is the less strenuous exercise you do to cool down your body this could be inform of stretching.



It is always easier to go with an exercise challenge , this could be the famous 30 day challenges which can be gotten at pinintrest for all type of  exercises. If your goal is to loose weight then you want to incorporate  a lot of cardiovascular activities in order to burn the fat and at the same time tone yourself up. While if your goal is to add muscle or to tone up the flabby areas of your body then strength training is your best option, but always remember to seek the help of a professional trainer so as to avoid injuries.



Do not give up even when you do not see results remember Rome was not built in a day  .Keep going knowing that at the end of it the results will be worth it plus your body will thank you. Find ways to stay motivated , you could get a fitness partner or even download an app to get you in  track .



This is one of the most important steps , what you eat determines the outcome of your results .That means if you continue to eat fast foods and snacks that do not add nutritional value to your body, then the exercise you put so much effort into becomes futile. Instead you can chose to find healthy snack alternatives, you can find some options on snack alternative on the link below


remember to drink a lot of water as well to keep your body hydrated, if possible always eat a fruit a day and avoid processed foods.


Finally , love yourself , enjoy the process and love the journey it might not be easy at first but when you start seeing the results you will get more motivated .That said join me on this fitness journey and lets stay fit and healthy.


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