So a friend got me red converse shoes and I used to wear them often and I mean VERY often. The next time we bump into each other ,she is surprised and somewhat disturbed because the shoes had faded and it had been barely a month.

So she asks me if I have other pairs of shoes and I say “Yes. Why?” In her usual sarcastic tone she goes, “You just had to let these ones fade! Do you shower in them or something?” WOW! I look down at my shoes thinking, “They cant be that bad. I mean, these shoes fade all the time. It’s normal.” But they were that bad and I realised that in order to get more shoes on my birthday I needed to know how to take care of them.

I would normally wash them every week using a brush and powdered detergent and I’d scrub the life off those shoes. Deep down I knew this would make them fade but my ignorance always took the better part of me. Eventually, I shed off my ignorance and decided to learn easy ways  to clean white and coloured shoes.

Here are some alternative methods you can try out.



white converse shoes

White shoes can be a menace when it comes to cleaning , especially the haunting yellow stains on canvas shoes. However, there are a couple of life saving hacks for you to tackle them

1. Using detergent plus baking soda paste

Baking soda, I must say, is like manna from heaven. It is cheap and has over fifty uses one being, cleaning shoes.


What you need :

  • Baking soda
  • Detergent( Can use dish washing detergent)
  • warm water
  • small mixing bowl
  • an old toothbrush


  • clap your shoes together or brush them off to remove the big dirt particles
  • in a small bowl, add a tablespoon of baking soda, 1/2 table spoon of detergent and water and mix thoroughly until it becomes an even paste.
  • Remove the laces
  • gently work the paste into the surface using the toothbrush to your satisfaction
  • place your shoes in the sun for about 3 hours or until the mixture is dry and cracking off
  • clap the shoes together to remove the mixture or gently wipe it out with a dry clothe.

and you’re done. Your shoes should have undergone an extreme makeover leaving them whiter.





2.Using toothpaste.

It helps with those stubborn stains. Its quite expensive to use often and is therefore used once in a while on major stains. Apply it on an old toothbrush and brush the stained area in circular motion. Let it sit for about ten minutes then wipe it off with a damp clothe .

 × Use cheap white toothpaste as coloured ones may stain your shoes adding salt to injury ×



Red trainers

Most trainers have a sock-like material which is quite soft hence easy to clean.

  • Remove excess dirt by brushing it off
  • mix warm water and detergent (preferably dish washing liquid as laundry detergent can be quite harsh on the shoes).
  • slightly dip a sponge or soft clothe into the mixture and apply it on the shoe
  • rinse off excess detergent by wiping it with another wet soft clothe.
  • leave them out to dry.

Don’t leave out the inner sole. You can use a brush and the same mixture above to clean them then leave them out to dry to avoid odour.



black converse shoes

They are so breathtaking when new till they end up all faded and worn out. It’s heartbreaking but with the right care you can curb the fading.

Wiping them with clean water and a soft clothe will do. However, when they are really dirty and need scrubbing, be gentle and you can also use the method above on trainers.

Its advisable not to scrub them so often in order to preserve the colour. The detergent plus baking soda paste also works especially when they are really dirty.



brown leather shoes

neutral shoe cream

There’s not much to leather shoes just keep them moisturised to avoid cracking since leather is a type of skin. If muddy, wipe with a damp clothe then moisturise it with a shoe cream or the normal KIWI, preferably the shoe cream as it’s easier to apply and brings an instant shine. Avoid using too much water on them, a damp clothe is enough.

Banana peels can work too. Sometimes we ran out of shoe cream and we are forced to go out with wrinkled up shoes. You can avoid this by using  the inner side of a banana peel and gently rub it on the surface of the shoe in circular motion then use a dry soft cloth to wipe the surface leaving your shoes clean and shiny.



Its embarrassing to have smelly shoes but don’t worry, it can happen to anyone. Place a teabag in each shoe and let them sit overnight. The tea bags absorb the moisture that causes the foul smell. Always take your shoes out to dry this also helps control shoe odour.

Here are some videos you can learn from too.

You can also check out the post on comfortable and trendy shoes on the link below…and-trendy-shoes/ ‎


Please comment on the method that worked best for you once you try them out.



That’s about it.

Remember, always chase happiness for the world is a beautiful place but most importantly, you are beautiful.


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